[ale] OT: OT OT OT and very long! Anybody sick today?

James P. Kinney III jkinney at localnetsolutions.com
Tue Dec 30 20:00:16 EST 2003

My $0.02:

My diet consists of beer, coffee, water, and pretty much anything too
stupid to stay off the plate. One of my kids is missing a few fingers
and I haven't seen the cat in a month.

Garfield said clearly: "Diet is die with a "t"".

If someone is interested in following the latest fad, let 'em. I'd hate
to think of all the health food nuts clogging up the hospitals in their
90's dying of nothing. Let's keep room for the diet nuts who do stupid
things with their metabolism playing doctor.

The one thing I have figured out is that it takes a long time to get fat
so I expect it will take a long to loose it. Any diet that that promises
anything else sound too much like Microsoft promising good security.

Since the typical geek gets exercise only by jumping to conclusions, it
would seem a better way to weight manage would be to spend more time
walking and less time sitting. Besides, I always thought the mobile
computing lab at MIT had some cool toys.

I'm going to get another beer and some more pizza, chips and cheese dip.
That salad I had for lunch is long gone.

On Tue, 2003-12-30 at 13:29, Charles Shapiro wrote:
> Uh, as suggested, I did a little bit of googling. 
> Human life expectancy at birth in the United States in 1901 was about
> 50.
> A baby born in 2003 will probably live into his or her 70s. Late 70s if
> it's a she.
> Before about 1950, most people ate primarily fresh fruits, vegetables,
> and natural grains. Meat was a luxury item until quite recently.
> Cancer is a disease of late life. So is heart disease.
> Off hand, those artificial flavors, colors, and other chemicals seem to
> be doing most people more good than harm.
> -- CHS
> On Tue, 2003-12-30 at 13:20, Eichler, Paula J. wrote:
> > Rhiannon, thanks for all of the information. Agreed that most of the
> > "carbs" of today are crap, however, Atkins, et. al. aren't really "high
> > protein" but are "low carb".
> > 
> > Another misconception is that you can't eat fruits and veggies.  Not so.
> > White sugar and flour are no-no's, but lettuce is a freebie, and after
> > the first weeks, adding raw veggies is allowed.  Later you can add most
> > fruits, especially the berries.  Nuts are allowed. Starchy vegetables
> > are reduced, but allowed in very small quantities.  Whole grains are OK
> > in moderation, but it can be difficult to find breads that you would
> > actually want to eat.  Nature's Own has come out with a pretty good
> > low-carb wheat bread.
> > 
> > After awhile on it, I would guess that the maintenance Atkins diet is
> > more like a caveman diet than the "food pyramid".  Meats, nuts and
> > berries are about all that hunting and gathering will provide. Well, yea
> > and insects, which I am sure would be allowed under Atkins ;) ..pj
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