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J.D. Forinash foxtrot at cc.gatech.edu
Thu Apr 19 16:34:19 EDT 2001

On Thu, Apr 19, 2001 at 03:00:59PM -0400, chrisf at computone.com wrote:
> How many more stupid people do I have to deal with?   Those people who ask me to
> make cables do not even have the sense to know how to get the pinouts
> for their product.  We have to find it for them.  Ironically,  These same people
> have Suns, HPs, and even Linux boxes.  But, when it comes to networking,  The most
> stupid by far, are those who rely on MS products for all networking services.
> Sorry to scream but please reply and give me therapy.
> Chris

Hey, set your linewrap. :)

I don't think this is a Windowsism. I think this a technology-has-marched-
on-ism. After all, think about ethernet. What do you have to know about 
10baseT to hook a machine up to a hub? 

Yes, I know, I've had customers who couldn't figure it out, either, but
seriously, it's all there. One end goes here, the other goes there, and 
poof, you're online and spewing packets.

But serial, that's another story. For one, you can't just go buy a 
serial cable. There's 25 pin and 9 pin and RJ45 and male and female.

And then electrically they're different. One end's DTE and one end's DCE.

And then add in the fact that there doesn't seem to be a standard that any 
two companies use to put serial on RJ45. 

And then add in the fact that most serial hardware doesn't care about half
the signals.

So even those of us who know what we're doing but just don't do it often
enough get annoyed.

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