[ale] Minor challenges seeking answers

Thompson Freeman tfreeman at tfreeman.vnet.net
Tue Aug 3 14:18:49 EDT 1999

I'm having a few challenges for which I'm not finding answers. Of course
that just means that I'm looking in the wrong places. 

I'm running RH6.0 pretty much stock and usually using the gnome desktop.

Problem one is with dosemu: When running as "xdos" it gives 
  ERROR: X: Unable to open font "vga"ERROR: , trying "vga"...

Whatever font the system finds gives a plugugly window for my dos app.
(Quicken) Is there a way to get a better font/display?

Problem two: I should run backups on the children's Mac system, and the
only tape I have is on the Linux box. Is there an open source (or really
cheap) backup solution for backing up Mac systems on tape hosted by intel
linux? Or do I need to learn more about the Mac so I can script something

Problem three: Does anybody know a player which will play video and audio
from mpg files created by a Sony Mavica FD88? (I can provide a 5 second
clip if you want one I guess) As long as I have the camera, and the camera
makes such files, I really should learn how to play the damn things (and
maybe learn how to shoot them so they are worth watching!).

Like I mentioned above, nothing really showstopping, but irritating still.
I've obviously been looking in the wrong places for solutions, so I'd
better ask.

My thanks to one and all in advance.

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                           Shaves before he hugs his mama
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