[ale] Linux as print server for Mac via netatalk

Thompson Freeman tfreeman at tfreeman.vnet.net
Thu Jan 15 11:34:52 EST 1998

I have a Quadra 610 running OS7.6 talking to my RH4.2 box
with netatalk from the 1.4b2 rpm. For file sharing -
wonderful. (_Very_ smooth install). However, I want to share
the HP printer I have hanging off the Linux box with the
mac, thereby saving on the ink cartrages for that printer.
Unfortunately, I do not see a printer showing up in the
chooser which can be selected.

Looking at the docs & man pages, I haven't gotten clued in
to what I need to do. 

Specifically, which printer is the linux box going to claim
it is, and how do I get same selected?

Thanks in advance.

Thompson Freeman
tfreeman at vnet.net
Student of Chemistry and other Philisophical Studies

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