[ale] CDROM - where is it? (fwd)

Huong Q. Dinh quynh at cc.gatech.edu
Thu Jan 15 11:34:05 EST 1998

Quoting J.Anthony Smith:
> Huong Q. Dinh wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I've seen a lot of messages about CDROMs - wish I had read them all.
> > I know that at some point Linux must have been able to read my CDROM
> > because I installed it from a Slackware CD.  I can't recall anymore
> > which device directory it is.  I have a /CDROM directory, but when
> > I do a listing on it with the Linux cd in the drive, nothing is listed.
> > I have an IDE CDROM, which device directory under /dev do you think
> > it might be.
> >
> > Additionally, when I boot up Linux, it gives me a NO CDROM message,
> > and when I run setup and try to scan for an IDE drive, it tells me
> > that it can't find one.  I'm quite sure it isn't the CDROM drive
> > because it's fine under Windows.
> >
> > Any help will be much appreciated.  thanks,
> > - Quynh (quynh at cc.gatech.edu)
> A few questions: Is your cdrom an ATAPI device? If so, is its controller on
> your motherboard or part of a soundcard? Also are you using the same kernel
> as you did for installation? I am happy to help so if you have an answer
> for these questions I (and I'm sure many other people in this group) will
> do what we can to help you.
> Anthony Smith
> anthony.smith at chemsitry.gatech.edu

Yes, actually I realized late last night that I needed to recompile the
kernel with ide/atapi enabled.  Novice that I am, I thought that if the
setup had recognized it that the linux kernel was set to recognize it
as well.  I was finally able to recompile and find where the new kernel
was placed at around 3am.  But, when I reinstalled lilo with /sbin/lilo
it said that the kernel was too large.  It was almost twice the size
of my old kernel.  I'm going to try to recompile it, enabling fewer
options and see if that helps, but if anyone knows why it's so much
bigger when all I really wanted to enable ide and soundblaster ... please
let me know.

thanks for the responses,
- Quynh.

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