[ale] 1998 Atlanta Linux Showcase

Greg Hankins gregh at cc.gatech.edu
Fri Jan 9 00:03:24 EST 1998

We're beginning to start some serious work on this fall's ALS.  This
announcement is going to comp.os.linux.announce shortly.  I would also
like to remind you that you can join the ALS list, if you are interested 
in helping out with the show (email majordomo at cc.gatech.edu with 
"s*bscribe als" in the message body).


Join us for the 2nd annual Atlanta Linux Showcase!  Our show will
feature exhibitors showing the latest Linux hardware, software, books,
magazines, CDROMs, tshirts and more.  We will also have two full days of
technical, advocacy and business talks by international speakers from
the Linux and free software community.  In the evenings, we will have
BOF sessions and a fundraiser dinner to keep you entertained.

The 1998 Atlanta Linux Showcase will be held Friday October 23 -
Saturday October 24 following the 1998 NetWorld + Interop show in
Atlanta.  Registration and BOFs begin Thursday October 22 in the
evening.  For the most current information, visit our web site at

Thursday October 22, 1998 - evening 
- Conference registration opens. 
- BOF sessions (Birds of a Feather), informal meetings where people
  exchange ideas and experiences on selected topics. 

Friday October 23, 1998 - all day 
- Vendor exhibits, large show floor with nearby food court. 
- Conference sessions, covering Linux and free software topics. 
- BOFs. 
- "Linux In Action" area, showing a large variety of Linux hardware and
  software in action together. 
- "Linux Install" area. 
- Vendor demo area, where exhibitors can demo products. 
- Fundraiser dinner for a worthy Linux cause. 
- Door prize giveaways. 

Saturday October 24, 1998 - all day 
- Vendor exhibits. 
- Conference sessions. 
- "Linux In Action" area. 
- "Linux Install" area. 
- Vendor demo area. 
- Door prize giveaways. 

The Atlanta Linux Showcase is a not-for-profit event put on by
volunteers from the Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts users group, which has
been active in Atlanta since 1995.  Assistance is provided by Linux


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