[ale] Sound Card Suggestions

Stephen F Nicholas hcssfn at panther.gsu.edu
Thu Jan 8 22:00:41 EST 1998

Hello all,
  My wife is giving me a sound card for my birthday and I would like to
know experiences/suggestions regarding selecting one.  I have determined
that I pretty much need to stick with SoundBlaster.  I'm looking at the SB
16, SB AWE32, and SB AWE64.  I also figure that I'll need to purchase the
OSS drivers ($30) for the latter two.  My system:

233 MMX
4.3 GB HD
Diamond Stealth 3D 3000 4MB Video
800 MB floppy tape
RedHat 5.0 / Windoz 95B

Is there a significant difference between the 32 and 64 ?  How do these
act with the free OSS drivers under RH 5.0 ?  I have already ftp'd 2.0.33
and the sound files from RedHat and have them waiting in the wings.  This
will be my first experience with sound and I'm a little green on this
subject.  All I'm going for (at this moment) is for audio cd's and RA
Player (for out of town radio stations.)  But I don't want to short change
myself too bad.

Any suggestions/comments/experiences are welcome.


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