[ale] Fwd: 3.0.3/updates/bash & util-linuxfix (S)RPMS?

Ed June buggz at america.net
Sat Aug 24 18:56:41 EDT 1996

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Bummer deal...
I installed both the latest bash & util-linux*fix RPMS today,
  should have rebooted then & left well enough alone.
No, but immediately after doing so, I installed the SRPMS.
Then rpm -bp, then manually make'd them.  I do this to
  add -O4 -mpentium switches & delete the -g switch.
I use pgcc -pl8, something like that...
Anywho, they compilled w/o warnings, AMAZING that!
I find MOST things have warnings, sometimes a LOT.
I hate warnings...
Anywho, after doing the above, I then proceded to do a
  shutdown -r now.
There was a big problem, swapon wasn't found, unmount, etc, etc
Uh oh, now what ?  I awaited the reboot...
Well, a whole crap load of things are not found!  SOB!
I have / on sda1, swap on sda2, /usr on sda3, & /home on sda4.
Well, sda1 is the only partition being accessed, all other
  parts are not there, as all the commands on those
  parts are not found.
WTF caused this?  Is there an easy work around?
My boot floppy doesn't help, it does the same thing.
This really bums me out VERY badly.
ANY & ALL help would be VERY appreciated, thanks....

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