[ale] remote printer in printcap, help needed (fwd)

Greg Hankins gregh at cc.gatech.edu
Fri Aug 2 15:40:55 EDT 1996

I am trying to use a networked printer for which I will want an 'if' run.
The Printing HOWTO suggests two-stage spooling to achieve this, but I
can't seem to get it right.  My attempt is given below.

in /etc/printcap:

       :lp=/dev/null:sh:rm=<our remote's name>:rp=raw:\

for the moment, /usr/local/lib/netjetfilter is a dummy:
touch /tmp/netfilter
lpr -Pnet_printer -

The filter is executable, and the spool directories were created.

When I print to the remote, I have no filtering (the infamous staircase,
for example), but I hit the printer with my job:
% lpr -Pnet_printer <file>

When I print to the dummy, I seem to spool some files, but don't send them
to the filter.  (For example, '/tmp/netfilter' is not created.)

If I direct the filter output to my default local printer, I get the same
results: the filter is not activated, nor is anything sent to the printer.
I conclude that I am not successfully spooling out my work.

TIA --jmm--

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