[ale] configuring getty for dialOUT logins

dZothMuellarg zot at crl.com
Fri Aug 2 12:44:38 EDT 1996

Sounds like you are attempting to fix the client end, when the problem is on
the server end.

This is how the server works:

uugetty listens to a serial port

2.a)either when the serial port goes live (cd goes high)
2.b)or the correct string is seen (RING, ^M)

uugetty then sends a login prompt
after receiving the login name, it hands that name to login
  which asks for a passwd

So lets look at 2)
In order for 2) to work, the serial lines must:
  be at the same speed (setserial, gettydefs, minicom)
  be at the same bits
  connected with a null modem, if 2.a it must be a full null modem
  If RING is being looked for, which means uugetty expects a modem,
    RING must be sent caps, with the correct return after it.
  if ^M is expected then it must be sent in a way that looks correct.

This stuff is setup in /etc/defualt/uugetty.ttsS0 (S1, S2, S3)
It must match what you expect.

In /etc/gettydefs you must setup the fixed speed line, instead of the 
modem line (in the expmaples it is usually "F38400" or something.

Play with the sane settings.

It is easy once it works, but for some reason a pain to get correct.
Often it is gettydefs.  I've studied the source to get a full
understanding of it...

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