new version of term (2.1.4) on prism

gtwreck at gtwreck at
Wed Oct 19 19:58:32 EDT 1994

   I just finished installing the newest version of "term" in the gtwreck
archives. Right now, it's at version 2.1.4, and only available for acme.

   I'm not going to keep around older versions of term, unless some problem
with the newer version forces me to go back to an older one. Mainly this is
to conserve disk space. If you do notice a problem with the current version
of term in gtwreck, mail me and let me know, and I'll do my best to fix the
problem, and get things working.

   I also don't plan on compiling the sun4 version, unless someone absolutely
wants to waste bananas by logging into sundial and using term there, or
the billing for acme gets turned back on.

   I've made available the .tar file from sunsite which has the version
of term currently installed in gtwreck... It's located at:


This way, you can just snag the file from there, download to your linux box,
and compile the same version that's on prism. And, the directory where I
compiled the acme version is publicly readable, object files and all, in case
you want to take a look at it. (~gtwreck/sources/term-2.1.4)

hope everyone finds this useful!

gtwreck at
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