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Sun Oct 16 01:19:40 EDT 1994

> Got one more question... at the meeting Vernard said that there is a 
> copy of term in ~gtwreck/bin... Acme seems to have every term related
> executable in that directory accept term... Is it called something
> different?

yep... try ~gtwreck/bin/slap

It's named differently because there is a function in the OIT default
profile (located in /usr/local/etc/profile) called "term". Since most
people who use gtwreck programs have their PATH variable setup to access
~gtwreck/bin so they don't have to type it in by default everytime they
want to use a program there, they'd most likely just type "term" to run it.
Instead of running term from the gtwreck/bin directory tho, the "term"
function will get called.

With the program named "slap", you can just type "slap" at the prompt.

I think I'll go ahead and make a link to slap called term anyway... that
way people won't get confused when they see there's no "term" program

btw... the version there is 2.0.4d... I hope to upgrade it soon to the
latest stable version (2.1 from what I've heard)... I'll post here when I

Let me know if you have any problems with the term programs in ~gtwreck.


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