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N1KSC has its antenna on the KSC VAB and works with the KSC PAO as part of
its mission. I'm not sure what K4GCC that I listen in on had to do, but
they can dial into a line at NASA, giving real-time audio that doesn't
suffer from the delays that most online streams do. My wife was watching a
stream on her phone while I listened on my HT and when her stream was
saying liftoff, we were watching the rocket had cleared the tower already,
and my HT was in-sync with what we were watching.

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> On 9/4/22 02:10, Steve Litt via Ale wrote:
> > On Sat, 2022-09-03 at 21:14 -0400, Jeremy T. Bouse via Ale wrote:
> >> Yeah, it was interesting listening in on mission control operations.
> > What frequency? AM, FM, SSB? Do you think I could receive it in Central
> Florida with
> > a regenerative receiver, with a 20 foot wire antenna, that goes from
> about 3Mhz to
> > 30Mhz?
> SLS mission control is in Houston.
> There was low-power RF that I suppose HAM operators could hear broadcast.
> Probably limited to a few miles from JSC.  I didn't know anyone who had a
> NASA-provided receiver.
> Inside the MCC complex (Bldg 30s), there are many, many, audio channels,
> but only 1 is public - I think that is CAPCOM (FCR to astronaut channel).
> There is also the public affairs channel, which is marketing for NASA.  The
> true MCC operations aren't broadcast outside the building, to my
> knowledge.  It has been a few years ... er ... decades since I worked
> there, however.
> Launch control is at the launch site - KSC in this situation.  I suspect
> they have similar rules for limiting direct access to internal information.
> All public audio and video channels are streamed over nasa.gov internet
> sites, but most of the world uses youtube.
> I spent 10 minutes looking for NASA audio streams and only found podcasts
> and video.  It is possible to get the audio-only from the video streams by
> requesting that from the different services.
> Sorry I wasn't able to find more information.  Perhaps some insider can
> ask around for the audio feed streams?
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