[ale] (OT) Artemis launch watch

DJPfulio at jdpfu.com DJPfulio at jdpfu.com
Sun Sep 4 10:11:40 EDT 2022

On 9/4/22 02:10, Steve Litt via Ale wrote:
> On Sat, 2022-09-03 at 21:14 -0400, Jeremy T. Bouse via Ale wrote:
>> Yeah, it was interesting listening in on mission control operations.
> What frequency? AM, FM, SSB? Do you think I could receive it in Central Florida with
> a regenerative receiver, with a 20 foot wire antenna, that goes from about 3Mhz to
> 30Mhz?

SLS mission control is in Houston.
There was low-power RF that I suppose HAM operators could hear broadcast. Probably limited to a few miles from JSC.  I didn't know anyone who had a NASA-provided receiver.

Inside the MCC complex (Bldg 30s), there are many, many, audio channels, but only 1 is public - I think that is CAPCOM (FCR to astronaut channel).  There is also the public affairs channel, which is marketing for NASA.  The true MCC operations aren't broadcast outside the building, to my knowledge.  It has been a few years ... er ... decades since I worked there, however.

Launch control is at the launch site - KSC in this situation.  I suspect they have similar rules for limiting direct access to internal information.

All public audio and video channels are streamed over nasa.gov internet sites, but most of the world uses youtube.

I spent 10 minutes looking for NASA audio streams and only found podcasts and video.  It is possible to get the audio-only from the video streams by requesting that from the different services.

Sorry I wasn't able to find more information.  Perhaps some insider can ask around for the audio feed streams?

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