[ale] Wired/wireless router recommendation(s)

Ken Cochran kwc at TheWorld.com
Thu Jun 9 08:12:54 EDT 2022

Hi ALErs, Yet Again, a storm appears to have disabled the
WAN port on my Asus RT-AC68P, which a few years ago replaced
another same make/model for the same reason, which had replaced
a RT-N16, also for the same reason. Looks lika a pattern here...
So it's replacement time again & I need a Game Plan (as well
as a router & wifi).

These devices all support(ed) DD-WRT & I think (according
to docs) would also support OpenWRT. I'm open to other FLOSS
options too. Generally been well-served w/Asus.

Been looking to change to Ubiquiti (unless there's Something
Better/more recommnded) but haven't found their products
available for some time, all backordered. What gives with them?

I have a couple of old Cisco/Aironet WAPs that had been left by
a previous building tenant, might be fun to experiment w/them
but looks like they work from PoE.

Would like:
Support for alternative/opensouce firmware
Separate devices for wired/wireless (don't know how doable
just yet unless there's some good alternative to Ubiquiti).

So what's Good To Get/Doesn't Suck(tm) nowadays?

I can get another RT-AC68something easily enough but wonder what might
be "better" vis-a-vis the above criteria.

Ideas/input?  Thanks, -Ken

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