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Abraham Moller molleraj at gmail.com
Fri Jun 29 01:29:36 EDT 2018

Hi all,

Thank you for letting me subscribe to the list! I am looking forward to
upcoming central meetings at Decatur Makers. I'm a PhD student at Emory
University in microbiology with a strong bioinformatics component of my

As far as Linux (outside of writing Perl/R scripts for bioinformatics), I
am messing around with a Raspberry Pi 2, Zipit Z2, and soon a
battery-powered router (RAVPower FileHub Plus). I have been using the RPi2
and Zipit Z2 for Forth programming, text-based adventures, text-based
gaming in general, retro console emulation (via mednafen and higan), and
ssh/telnet (as dumb terminals). I will be flashing the router with OpenWRT
and using it as a portable Linux machine with long battery life,
network-attached storage device, (potentially) a BBS host, and a WiFi

Is anyone interested in Linux router firmware (OpenWRT/DD-WRT) in this
group? Do you coordinate with Decatur Makers for the Arduino/Raspberry Pi
project nights?

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