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The text of the Sean's email of the 23rd was slightly different than his of the 14th.   Is it possible he didn't see the responses on the 14th and so won't see the responses on the 23rd.

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On Sat, Jun 23, 2018 at 09:33:09AM -0400, Sean Kilpatrick via Ale wrote:
> New camera came with sd card pre-formatted with exfat. I wasn't

SDXC cards (ie SD cards > 32GB) are mandated to come pre-formatted with exfat, and all devices advertising support for SDXC must support exfat. 

There's no inherent reason why they can't be formatted as fat32; indeed if you format the card in the camera it'll almost certainly be fat32.

(BTW, this is why you see a lot of devices that claim to only support SD  cards up to 32GB..)

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