[ale] [90dw-lcthw] C as a second language

DJ-Pfulio DJPfulio at jdpfu.com
Fri Nov 27 12:14:02 EST 2015

C is best learned after an interpreted language teaches basic
programming skills, IMHO. Python is a good first language. No need to
be a python expert, just functions, i/o, layout, version control, and
TDD to start. All of that translates easily to C.

C is a jumping off point for all compiled languages - like C++, C#,
Java, .... Dart. Learning C teaches the language that most other
languages were built from originally. C memory management is critical to
understand. All languages basically use it under the covers. Learning
function pointers would be helpful to understanding how OO works under
the covers.

Lots to know.

On 11/27/2015 11:35 AM, leam hall wrote:
> Also, something from the book. Zed recommends knowing another
> programming language before trying to tackle C. For those expressing
> interest, I can say that so far the book seems easy to read and most
> Linux users could get at least as far as I've gotten.
> However, if we're starting in Jan, then you have a month to play with
> Python, Ruby, or similar to get your programming feet wet.  :)

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