[ale] what can I use this for ?

DJ-Pfulio DJPfulio at jdpfu.com
Thu Nov 26 12:34:37 EST 2015

HiDef youtube videos may be an issue.

The CPU isn't strong enough to use software decoding for any vcodecs not
supported by HW-decoding at hidef resolutions. I see this with VP8
videos, for example. For 600p and less resolutions it will be fine.

On 11/26/2015 11:36 AM, Boris Borisov wrote:
> I haven't used Chromebook for more than 5 minutes. But I guess will be
> good for my wife. She checks her email couple time a day and watches a
> lot of youtube videos and Pinterest (whatever that is :). SSD will give
> me piece of mind because she is not that gentle with her laptop closing
> it and throwing it around.
> On Thu, Nov 26, 2015 at 8:17 AM, DJ-Pfulio <djpfulio at jdpfu.com
> <mailto:djpfulio at jdpfu.com>> wrote:
>     On 11/26/2015 05:44 AM, Narahari 'n' Savitha wrote:
>     > http://www.bestbuy.com/site/acer-11-6-chromebook-intel-celeron-2gb-memory-16gb-emmc-flash-memory-moonstone-white/8610161.p?id=1219351773817&skuId=8610161&acampID=0&ref=8575135&loc=0&productCategoryId=pcmcat138500050001
>     >
>     >
>     Acer CB3-111-C8UB - chromebook.
>     Celeron N2830 CPU - this CPU is crap, slow. This is a 3+ yr old CPU
>     on performance.
>     Slow travel computer, with remote access.
>     Expect the keyboard to die in less than 2 yrs. Keyboard replacement
>     costs $89.
>     Don't think it can handle Kodi/XBMC playback. The CPU is too slow.
>     The keyboard feel sucks.
>     The touchpad sucks.
>     You can replace ChromeOS for some other Linux and the M.2 SSD can be
>     replaced,
>     if you void the warranty. I run Ubuntu Server with Openbox WM. Do
>     not expect a
>     modern GUI to work well on this device.
>     I have a Acer C720 chromebook that is about 2x the CPU speed of the
>     CB3 and an
>     Acer A500 Tablet.  I will **never** buy anything from Acer again due
>     to a number
>     of small issues with these devices that simply drove me crazy.  The
>     issues I had
>     wouldn't be an issue for Kodi. At least I don't think they would.
>     This is $99 for a reason.

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