[ale] SSH tunnel vs VPN

Jim Kinney jim.kinney at gmail.com
Fri Nov 6 10:54:42 EST 2015

If I only need to connect back to one machine, ssh is fine. If it's more
than one, a VPN is easier to use.
On Nov 6, 2015 7:42 AM, "Alex Carver" <agcarver+ale at acarver.net> wrote:

> I'm once again mildly pondering a VPN for home use but I wonder if it's
> worth the effort over just having SSH with tunnels.
> The main purpose for either one is to let me get back to my home network
> from my phone so I can do things like view security cameras, check/send
> email, and some other minor things.
> As far as I can tell from the documents, I only need to open a UDP port
> inbound on the firewall to establish the connection because the server
> should then set up an outbound connection back to the client (solving
> the NAT traversal and stateful firewall issues, please correct me if I'm
> wrong on this).
> Is it actually worth the setup or should I just stick with SSH?  The
> current setup is an Android phone with ConnectBot and a bunch of
> tunnels.  If I were to go VPN I would get a new machine (likely a SBC
> like a RasPi) to be the server, the firewall is still a separate device.
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