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Ok. If you another, same bios system:

Pull the bad bios, put a pull string of dental floss to not interfere with
connections and boot from the good bios. Boot to flasher. Pull the good
bios while the system is running but idle, and plugin the bad one and
flash. Good idea to wear vinyl or latex gloves in the insertion to limit
conducting material. The bios is not being used but does have power.
On Nov 5, 2015 2:58 PM, "LnxGnome" <lnxgnome at hopnet.net> wrote:

> Yup, already tried that.
> On 11/5/15 9:40 AM, Jim Kinney wrote:
> Supermicro has a technique to recover from a bad flash. Their bios' have a
> backup built in. Get the correct bios from their site and dig through the
> docs. Its near the end of the instructions on flashing the bios.
> On Nov 5, 2015 6:10 AM, "LnxGnome" <lnxgnome at hopnet.net> wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>>   Does anyone local to Atlanta have a BIOS programmer I could make use
>> of?  I had an update not work, and the MB won't POST.
>>   The BIOS Chip is in a ZIF socket and has eight 'legs' (four per side).
>> It's for a Super Micro X8DTE MB.  SM lists the part as a TTL-0775L-32Mb.
>> Lost in the bit bucket,
>> --LnxGnome
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