[ale] [OT] Status of tech-chat list

Beddingfield, Allen allen at ua.edu
Tue Nov 3 17:46:38 EST 2015

That would be an interesting discussion...  keep in mind that tech-chat was the list for non-Linux but technical off-topic chatter...  I have been running it off of my server, to keep the main list free of non-Linux chatter.
Allen Beddingfield
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Should we re-visit the idea of re-architecting the mailing list functionalities of ALE into Google Groups with the original idea of keeping the archives online for searchability?

Jerald Sheets
questy at gmail.com

> On Nov 3, 2015, at 4:19 PM, Beddingfield, Allen <allen at ua.edu> wrote:
> Thanks for the "It's dead, Jim" e-mail from a couple of you :)  You are correct, it is/was dead.
> Anyway, here's an update on the tech-chat list:
> Bad news - I can't recover the whole VM the mail server was running on.
> Since the list is extremely light in traffic, the membership is small, and the archives are non-existent, I'm just going to rebuild and re-invite all the previous subscribers.  I was planning to move this to another server, anyway, so no time like the present to get that done.
> Long story short -
> Look for an invite to re-subscribe if you were a member before.  I will follow up here with another update once that has been done.
> The archives were so sparse that, I'm just building from scratch.
> Allen B.
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