[ale] Linux Bind9 and Windows .local dns?

Robert L. Harris robert.l.harris at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 14:10:16 EST 2015

Corp is using .local for some internal services such as a key file server.
I have no control over it.

  The first key issue I'm seeing is a windows box on my 172.27 subnet can
ping the file server but trying to do a dns lookup on the hostname is
failing to resolve.  As a result all the procedures that tell my
manufacturing users to open "\\share.local\Manufacturing" fail and updating
them to do \\10.bbb.ccc.ddd\Manufacturing" would cause a lot more pain than
it's worth.

  My Linux bind server has the windows domain servers as the upstream dns
in my resolv.conf but I've never had to deal with this type of forwarding
before so I'm not sure where the breakage is.

  Unfortunately we have critical documents on the shared server and I need
to get it working this way.


On Mon, Mar 2, 2015 at 11:59 AM LnxGnome <lnxgnome at hopnet.net> wrote:

>  .local is a concept of multicast DNS.  If the host.local speaks mDNS, it
> should be responding to those replies for itself.  This works find for a
> small shared LAN.
> If you have a distributed / firewalled network that isn't passing mDNS
> between segments, that is probably causing your problem.  In this
> situation, don't use ".local".
> --LnxGnome
> On 3/2/15 12:35 PM, Robert L. Harris wrote:
>   I've set up a bind9 server ( Ubuntu ) for a subnet ( 172.27/16 ) at work
> to support some lab space.  I've found a problem where it seems some
> Windows boxes are not correctly resolving the corp.local domain even though
> I'm referencing the corp dns servers and internal.corp.com works just
> fine, just not the .local.  I can access with \\aaa.bbb.ccc.dd\share
> correctly and ping aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd without issue.
>  Anyone seen this or have a link?  Googling "linux bind9 windows domain"
> provides a lot of red herrings.
>  Robert
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