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On Mon, Jul 20, 2015 at 3:32 PM, Robert L. Harris <robert.l.harris at gmail.com
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> Guys,
>   I'm setting up an HAProxy to balance between some web servers.  Working
> great with a least-used mode.
>   The next step is to balance between 2 databases but I don't want them in
> a  round robin or even 'normal' balancing.  The DBA's are setting up
> one-way data replication only ( long argument they are refusing to explain
> ).  So I need to have 2 hosts in a 'cluster' with HostA as the
> single/primary and if it goes down, fail over to HostB.  If HostA comes
> back up, do NOT fail back to HostA until manually told to do so ( data
> re-sync, etc ).
> Any thoughts?  I don't see an option to configure HAproxy in this type of
> config.
> Robert

I did something like this a few years ago; basically use a Virtual IP and
have something/someone do a failover of the VIP. In our case it was the
Service Desk, but you could script it as well. Just have the primary node
not assume the VIP if it reboots. Some DB HA setups use private
interconnects so you could have them test for the other DB, etc.

This is not the absolute fastest failover, but it does work.


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