[ale] New to ALE

DJ-Pfulio djpfulio at jdpfu.com
Thu Jul 16 07:35:51 EDT 2015

> Say, looks like we are soon going to be flooded with new folks from the 
> merger with GA400. Would a thread on what domains every one owns and why be 
> a good topic? Or would that be better on the chat list? We need to be sure 
> and tell them tech-chat at linuxmoose.com exists when they show up.

The other things that meetup brings is "discussions" ... these are like forums.
Perhaps there?  According to my research on being inclusive, email is NOT the
best way. Non-old people avoid email.

I'd rather teach some google-fu (really some start-page-fu) over providing lists
of links since we avoid google if privacy is a concern.

Perhaps search term lists?

BTW, the old GA-400 group email list doesn't get much traffic, so there will not
be "a flood" here. Review the messages thru the website. Basically it is me
sharing some new command I didn't learn the last 20+ yrs ... for example, lsblk
or talking about a topic for the upcoming meeting. Fewer than 5 msg a month from
the group - OTOH, there are probably 5 msgs a week with nags about the meetings
or it could just seem that way to me since I'm a member of multiple meetup groups.

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