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Jim Kinney jkinney at jimkinney.us
Wed Jul 15 08:57:14 EDT 2015

Sit tight on moderation of meetup for a bit. I may have added you to co-organizer on the wrong meetup. ALE-atlanta-linux-enthusiasts is the former GA400 meetup. That one will stay with name change(s) and new banner. The one I created of ALE central has ALE at the end. That group will go away. I think I added you there as well as terrorpup for a NW group.

That said, I'll be adding the co-organizers to the ale.org site as writers so you can post meetings and related information on the primary, i.e., _real_ ALE site.

On July 15, 2015 8:42:21 AM EDT, Phil Turmel <philip at turmel.org> wrote:
>On 07/15/2015 07:53 AM, DJ-Pfulio wrote:
>> Taken off list.
>> We don't have any plans to change the existing ALE email lists.
>Yes, the main email lists are crucial.  I may be a curmudgeon, but the
>chorus of 1-click "glad to meet you" emails from meetup just annoys the
>crap outa me.
>> This is a win-win for ALE and GA-400.
>Absolutely.  And a win for linux fans throughout the metro area.
>> a) I dislike meetup, but it works. ALE membership dropped from over
>2K people to
>> about 500 in the last 2 yrs. Very few people were coming to the
>> meetings. A group like this without physical meetings is dead, dead,
>I have been astonished at how well meetup "gets the word out" for niche
>groups like ours.  Hopefully to convert us from niche to mainstream,
>still.  The prompt to rsvp to the ale meetings via meetup spurred me to
>jump into a couple other tech groups, too.  Works all different ways.
>> In summary - I think we need both techniques,  by merging the groups
>> offering to help other groups start, we are only trying make it
>easier for more
>> people to find Linux and get a little help to get started.  The more
>> topics will always be part of ALE-Central.
>I like this plan.
>> Also, we are merging 2 meetup groups into 1 - mainly to prevent
>confusion, but
>> also because we don't want to pay them 1 penny more than necessary. 
>Also, we
>> want to incubate other groups in the metro ATL area, so they don't
>have to pay
>> meetup 1 penny - every.  Wouldn't a single group calendar with all
>the F/LOSS
>> activities in metro ATL be nice?
>I will certainly be forming an agenda-less mostly weekly meeting in
>Fairburn modelled after the GA400 meeting I attended on Sunday.  Hosted
>at my office there to get started, until I can survey the local
>restaurants for interest.  There are multiple spots I think could
>support 15+ people.  I'm thinking every Thursday evening other than the
>monthly Central meeting.  Tentative start on August 13th.  (I'm swamped
>through my son's wedding on Aug 8.)
>I'll play with the meetup coordinator controls soon to schedule it
>(thanks Jim, JD).
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