[ale] Aaron's Amiga Revival Party -- Sunday, July 12, 3pm - 10pm

Jim Kinney jkinney at jimkinney.us
Fri Jul 10 11:40:54 EDT 2015

Sounds fun. I will miss it as I'm on the meet-n-greet tour with the new
ALE-400 group
On Thu, 2015-07-09 at 13:07 -0400, Aaron Ruscetta wrote:
> Hello to all the Amiga Appreciators at ALE!
> This is an invitation to come out for an Amiga Revival
> party that I'm hosting at my home this coming Sunday,
> 7/12, from 3pm to 10pm.
> My motivation for the party arises from the Amiga 30th
> Anniversary Celebration that will be taking place at the
> Computer History Museum in Mountain View CA on
> July 25th and 26th: <http://amiga30.com/>
> I'll not only be attending the event, but have stepped up to
> assist the organizers in as many aspects of the project as
> I can manage. I'll also be a vendor at the show, taking this
> opportunity to redistribute much of the wealth of Amiga
> systems and peripherals that have come into my stewardship
> over the years. Since many of these bits and pieces came to
> me through involvement with the Amiga Atlanta users group,
> the working title is "The Amiga Atlanta Artifacts Amporium"
> :-)
> I'm currently in the process of unearthing the treasures,
> cataloging an inventory and triaging as much of the collection
> as I can. Then, next week, I'll be packing everything on a one
> way U-haul rental truck and driving it all out to San Jose /
> Mountain View for the show
> While I've got my home covered with Amiga tech treasures,
> I'm hoping y'all would enjoy dropping by to reminisce and tinker
> with this plethora of memorable tech toys before they head
> out to new homes. Amiga related consignment offerings are
> welcome as well, with the understanding that whatever I
> can't sell or give away or leave in Dale Luck's substantial
> storage space will be going to recycling (Dale is on of the
> original Amiga designers and developers, largely responsible
> for the graphics hardware).
> Dinner and drinks will be Pot Luck, though I'll be providing
> some light snacks, soft drinks and adult beverages.
> RSVP Greatly Appreciated, and please feel free to share
> this invitation with any Amiga aficionados, computer history
> buffs and Amiga Atlanta friends in your contacts list that
> might have an interest!
> in peace,
> the master of AAliteration,
> "AArexx AAron" Ruscetta :-)
> 404.315.0406
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