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> Chris,

> ownCloud rocks. Easy to set up, very secure. I uses for my office and home
> and with friends. I has agents for linux, mac and windows as well
> iOS/Android.

> I had my server setup in about thirties. I was able to share files after
> that. I love so much I am planning to by a cert.

Agents for all is a plus. My big concern is offsite replication of some of the data. I've ran Dropbox command linse server on CentOS ins the past and was able to use that as a backup method for that system. 

Possibly I could do the same here and then hard links from that directory will be how I choose. Of course system links work too. I just tested that as I wrote this email. 

I could build OC on a BBB with a 1T external USB drive. Then pay DB $9.99/mon for 1T of space and symlink what I want on DB there. 

I could use 2 1T drives in a RAID1 config to backup the hardware. Does not protect against theft or destruction by fire. I know I can go to Fry's and get NAS that is fire rated, but I'm looking at building my own now. 

how much heat is generated by the BBB and the USB drive? Possible to take a cheap Sentry doc safe, drill a hole for power and then that is the solution? I could even bolt it to the floor. A fire would burn the power cable, but I can't imagine that fire moving into the safe and doing much damage there. It would not even be able to breath in there. 

I guess the best solution will be to rig up my Pi in the Sentry and a small temp probe and allow it to run for a while. If the heat is minimal then it should be able to radiate out. I don't know. 
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