[ale] OT - SED drive compatibility

Jim Kinney jim.kinney at gmail.com
Mon Aug 25 12:09:34 EDT 2014

I would be floored if the drive you want didn't play well with Dell.
That said, it's the RAID I would worry about. The unlock password has to be
passed through the controller at boot up. As long as that model will work
with other FIPS drives, it should work with any SAS FIPS drive.
On Aug 25, 2014 11:55 AM, "Adrya Stembridge" <adrya.stembridge at gmail.com>

> I was provided a Dell R720 with four standard 300GB 3.5" SAS 15k drives.
> Our RAID controller is a Perc H710. I need to update our disks to FIPS
> 140-2 certified SED, but this is my first time working with SED and I could
> use a little help/advice.
> According to Dell, they have only one tested/validated FIPS SED for this
> machine/controller, but it is a 7200rpm 3.5" unit. I'm showing that Dell
> offers a 600GB 15k FIPS SED in 3.5" configuration (Dell part number
> 342-0605), but they say they haven't validated or tested to know if it
> works.  The 600GB drive is also spendy.   Dell informed me that I would not
> void my warranty in using this non-validated drive.
> How likely is it that our R720 with H710 controller would work with a
> non-validated drive? Are there significant differences in how drive
> manufacturers build SED that would prevent them from working consistently
> across different controllers?   I'm asking because I show many options for
> 300gb 3.5" 15k FIPS 140-2 certified SED online.
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