[ale] samba broke

Paul Cartwright pbcartwright at gmail.com
Fri Aug 22 10:32:01 EDT 2014

I used to have samba working for my wife's windows laptop. I'm not sure
if it ever worked after the Windows 8.1 upgrade... I did change the
folder name of the shared folder, but I changed that in the smb.conf
file & restarted smb. On the windows box when I try to create the
network share it says the IP is not there, so I plugged it in hardwired
to the same router as the samba box, still nothing. Not sure why it
doesn't see the samba server, I am not running selinux, what am I
 missing? fedora 20..

Paul Cartwright
Registered Linux User #367800 and new counter #561587

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