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Here, they check out the sorority girls crossing the street :D
We had an incident a few years ago where they first put in street-level cameras for monitoring the area of town know as "The Strip" - it is just off campus, and the place where a lot of the bars and restaurants are located.  They had full camera control for movement and zoom of the cameras, and this was controlled by a PC back at the police station.  Apparently, they had a rotation of someone assigned to camera duty to scan the area and watch for any potential crimes happening.  What the police were not aware of was that the system was also available to Comcast!  They have a series of local channels here....one channel is the camera pointed at this highway, this intersection, etc...for traffic.  Well, they had also added these sidewalk cams to the channels available.  The cops were using the motion and zoom feature to zoom in on the rear-ends and chests of women walking down the sidewalk, and follow them until they walked out of range....after a few weeks of this going out over TV, there was a front-page story in the newspaper/big scandal!  Unfortunately, the Comcast channels went away, but the cameras did not.
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In GA, police check their email at stoplights

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