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On 08/15/2014 05:29 PM, Lightner, Jeff wrote:
> I've done the I-10 drive all the way from Mobile to Los Angeles which means I went across the widest part of Texas.  On other trips I've done the I-20 drive from where it starts in GA to where it ends (merging with I-20) near Carlsbad NM.   On the LA trip when I came back I did it across I-40 which I've now driven all the way from where it begins on one coast (North Carolina) to the other (California).
> I've been on I-40 through there more than once (going to the Grand Canyon, the LA trip, and Las Vegas trip to name a few.   It goes through the northern panhandle of Texas and near Amarillo there is a major stockyard you pass.    In late July you know you're approaching the stockyard long before you see it and are still aware of it long after it is no longer in your rearview mirror.
what about I-70?? I went that-a-way from DC to LA.. came out ( ok, 40+
years ago) I-20..

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