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Michael Trausch mike at trausch.us
Wed Feb 16 01:58:55 EST 2011

The 6to4 @ linode seems to behave very well. Well enough that I don't create
an explicit tunnel for it. At home I use HE.

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On Feb 16, 2011 1:16 AM, "David Tomaschik" <david at systemoverlord.com> wrote:
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> On 02/15/2011 09:39 PM, Michael H. Warfield wrote:
>> On Tue, 2011-02-15 at 17:35 -0500, David Tomaschik wrote:
>>> Now the challenge will be finding an ISP that gives me what I need: a
>>> /56 (or even a /60 or something crazy like that would be fine with
>>> me), decent speed, no restrictions (e.g., a neutral net connection)
>>> and no crappy hardware getting in my way (e.g., a modem should be just
>>> that: a device to convert from one physical interface to another, aka
>>> OSI Layer 1 & 2). Oh, and affordable as a state employee. Picky,
>>> aren't I?
>> Right now there aren't very many that are offering v6 native, period.
>> Comcast is rolling out a program but I think it's just in Colorado and
>> enrollment was closed due to demand. If you want to try and get started
>> and start playing with it, then I would recommend you go with a tunnel
>> broker and get a free network. I would start at Hurricane Electric aka
>> tunnelbroker.net (free /64 and /48) and learn what their certification
>> program offers. If you're not behind a NAT, they've got pretty good
>> tunnel service. If you are behind a NAT, you might want to go with
>> Freenet6 aka gogo6 (free /64 and /56). Another alternative is SixXs,
>> which is actually OCCAID here in the US (free /64 and /48). Here in the
>> Atlanta area, they've got a point of presence right downtown so tunnel
>> latency is minimal and then you're on the v6 backbone to everywhere else
>> in the world.
>> Regards,
>> Mike
> I'm currently using the anycast 6to4 service for IPv6 on my Linode, but
> I'm consider changing that to a HE tunnel. I'm also using Comcast's 6rd
> service at home right now, but that's almost certainly going to be a HE
> tunnel. Comcast's 6rd seems very slow connecting to IPv6 hosts, not
> sure if HE will be faster.
> I've been working my way through HE's certification, but have been stuck
> until about the last day or so here -- had to transfer my domain to a
> registrar that supports IPv6 glue. That's finally allowed me to get
> Sage tonight.
> Is there a qualitative difference between anycast 6to4 (2002:) and an
> HE.net tunnel?
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