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David Tomaschik david at systemoverlord.com
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On 02/15/2011 09:39 PM, Michael H. Warfield wrote:
> On Tue, 2011-02-15 at 17:35 -0500, David Tomaschik wrote: 
>> Now the challenge will be finding an ISP that gives me what I need: a
>> /56 (or even a /60 or something crazy like that would be fine with
>> me), decent speed, no restrictions (e.g., a neutral net connection)
>> and no crappy hardware getting in my way (e.g., a modem should be just
>> that: a device to convert from one physical interface to another, aka
>> OSI Layer 1 & 2).  Oh, and affordable as a state employee.  Picky,
>> aren't I?
> Right now there aren't very many that are offering v6 native, period.
> Comcast is rolling out a program but I think it's just in Colorado and
> enrollment was closed due to demand.  If you want to try and get started
> and start playing with it, then I would recommend you go with a tunnel
> broker and get a free network.  I would start at Hurricane Electric aka
> tunnelbroker.net (free /64 and /48) and learn what their certification
> program offers.  If you're not behind a NAT, they've got pretty good
> tunnel service.  If you are behind a NAT, you might want to go with
> Freenet6 aka gogo6 (free /64 and /56).  Another alternative is SixXs,
> which is actually OCCAID here in the US (free /64 and /48).  Here in the
> Atlanta area, they've got a point of presence right downtown so tunnel
> latency is minimal and then you're on the v6 backbone to everywhere else
> in the world.
> Regards,
> Mike

I'm currently using the anycast 6to4 service for IPv6 on my Linode, but
I'm consider changing that to a HE tunnel.  I'm also using Comcast's 6rd
service at home right now, but that's almost certainly going to be a HE
tunnel.  Comcast's 6rd seems very slow connecting to IPv6 hosts, not
sure if HE will be faster.

I've been working my way through HE's certification, but have been stuck
until about the last day or so here -- had to transfer my domain to a
registrar that supports IPv6 glue.  That's finally allowed me to get
Sage tonight.

Is there a qualitative difference between anycast 6to4 (2002:) and an
HE.net tunnel?

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