[ale] Using LiveUSB for Fedora

Scott Castaline skotchman at gmail.com
Tue Sep 28 10:45:25 EDT 2010

  Looking for advice on utilizing a LiveUSB Flash Drive. I'll be going 
to Fla. for several weeks and want to be able to use Fedora on a Windows 
PC without actually installing it on the hard drive. I want to know the 

1. Recommended sizes of flash drive
2. Will I be able to install additional software onto the drive?
3. Can I change the LiveUser to another user?
4. Can I copy files from my home system onto the LiveUSB?
5. How changeable is the system once booted?

I have installed Fedora 13 Live using liveusb-create onto a 2GB Flash 
Drive and attempted to install GnuCash. It came up with a large list of 
dependencies that needed to be also installed and then appeared to do 
nothing, so I'm not sure if maybe the 2GB is not enough room or it just 
can't do it. Any assistance would be appreciated. Also I plan on using 
Fedora 13 x86_32 as I'm not sure what the system specs are that I'll be 

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