[ale] weird mouse problem

Richard Faulkner rfaulkner at 34thprs.org
Thu Sep 2 14:03:36 EDT 2010

Starts to make *me* wonder about a bug...

I'm currently running (and at the time of my failure):

Fedora 12 (Constantine)
Kernel Linux
GNOME 2.28.2
Evolution 2.28.3 (this is where I was working when my mouse hang
occurred and cleared when I force-quit the application -- nothing else

How about you Damon and Jim?

...Rich in Lilburn

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On Wed, 2010-09-01 at 21:20 -0400, Jim Philips wrote:
> I'm running Ubuntu 10.04. Everything had been working okay. But today,
> I got this problem with the mouse where no mouse clicks have any
> effect. The cursor moves just fine. But no clicks seem to register.
> The logs indicate some issue with USB and it is plugged into a USB
> port. But I can't highlight and copy the text, because that would
> imply mouse clicks. I can type commands at the command line. Any idea
> where I should start looking?
> By the way, the mouse works fine in Windows.
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Well, anecdotal but...yesterday playing with lxde and compiz, I
completely lost my mouse clicks for minutes, then they came back.
Perhaps we are seeing a bug.  Or they are unrelated.  

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