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Fri Jan 30 07:37:20 EST 2009

Robert Reese~ wrote:
> /> Okay, you've been warned.  Anyway, I caught a snippet of a tune/
> /> from a while back and know there are some old fogies here who will/
> /> likely be able to name that tune.  I can only remember snippets of/
> /> the lyrics and they could well be wrong so bear with me.  What I/
> /> recall from the tune are the following 'pieces' of lyrics:/
> />/
> /> Hair is soul now.../
> />/
> /> come and go my way../
> />/
> /> put on your best dress shoes../
> />/
> />/
> /> Does anyone recognize this tune?  This is absolutely driving me/
> /> nuts.../
> /
> Is this it?/
> /Title: "Lo and Behold"/
> /Artist: The Peach Truck Republic/
> /Album: Barnboard Blonde/
> /Year: 2004/

No, but thanks for the effort.  I guess I should have noted that when I 
said there were old fogies on the list, that the tune dates from the 
late 60's to early 70's.

Until later, Geoffrey

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