[ale] OpenOffice Draw for Site Maps?

Geoffrey lists at serioustechnology.com
Thu Jan 29 15:26:04 EST 2009

Paul Cartwright wrote:
> On Thu January 29 2009, Geoffrey wrote:
>> Jeff Lightner wrote:
>>> Do any of these tools import or convert Visio templates?
>> Dia has an import plugin, although I've never used it.
>> --
> http://www.mail-archive.com/dia-list@lysator.liu.se/msg03255.html
> We would add vsd import in an eyeblink except that the format is
> proprietary just like most other Microsoft programs formats.  Anyone who
> can figure out the format will be awarded the Dia Medal of Honor.

My bad, I didn't look at it closely enough:

"Visio XML Format import and export filter"

So I guess if you export your visio docs as xml, you should be able to 
use this filter.

Until later, Geoffrey

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