[ale] Backups (What are you using?)

Jeff Lightner jlightner at water.com
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Hmmm - According to the Flat-Earthers most of NASA's backups ought to be
sitting in the archives of whichever motion picture studio they had fake
the stuff. :-)


I used to have to do backups on a floppy controller attached tape drive.
However, that was an improvement of the old IBM PC XT/DOS 2.0 backup
where I had to format ~27 DS/DD diskettes then sit and swap them out
while backing up my snazzy 10 MB hard drive.

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I'm surprised no one has added the "I don't do backups 'cause all the
important stuff is in-my-head/hardcopy".

NASA has a truly horrid backup problem. They have so much data that
the media is beginning to fail before they can get back around to
transfer it to another format. There is stuff from the early Mercury
and Gemini days that is not searchable as it is on paper (that is
rotting away - pre acid-free days) and much of the moon landing data
that is electronic is on tape media with no remaining drives that

Imagine needing to backup dozens of TB that is readable at only 2-3Kb/s!

2009/1/26 Brandon Colbert <colbert.brandon at gmail.com>:
> All,
> Today I proposed a new backup solution using Bacula. Does anyone have
> deployed in their environment? I just wanted to see what everyone else
> using.
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