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I think one could argue that the file format war could contribute to e-waste
indirectly. New file formats coming, uh oh gotta buy a new version of
office, might as get a new computer. Office is a bit more of a modular piece
and fortunately there are other options.
Microsoft is a friend of the hardware industry though. Hardware requirements
rarely ever go down do they?

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> I've been reading 'Hot Flat and Crowded' by Thomas Friedman and a
> point was made that we should design for sustanibility. Appliances
> should never go into the dump. Government policies should be such that
> it makes more sense to refurbish and reuse rather than to just buy a
> new appliance. (Maybe a huge sales tax on new goods)
> Anyway I thought the same case could be made about PCs. How many old
> PCs have been sent to the dump just because they got so loaded with
> viruses the user just decided to get a new PC with the newer MS OS.
> PCs seem to have a 3-4 year replace cycle which somewhat corresponds
> to the release of OSes by Microsoft.
> So what's your opinion. Anyone more articulate than me find this
> remotely interesting.
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