[ale] DSL providers

Ken Arromdee arromdee at rahul.net
Mon Oct 27 21:07:54 EDT 2008

I last asked this around two years or so ago but this time I actually
*am* going to get DSL.  I've finally found that providers actually service
my area (previously there was some kind of problem with my apartment
building's contract).

Anyway: what is the best provider given that I'm mostly using Linux
and don't have an XP box?  I read about problems people have had with AT&T
not providing logins and passwords and making people run Windows software
to get it.  And which provider is least likely to demand that I boot into
Windows before they will fix problems?

Also, what DSL modem/router can I get that works with Linux?  I really
don't want to get the one provided by a provider; for one thing they come
with contracts that lock people into the provider for a year.  I do not
have an Ethernet card (though I certainly could buy one).

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