[ale] Naked DSL from Bellsouth?

Nathan ale1 at cybertechcafe.net
Tue Jan 17 18:37:31 EST 2006

I've just jumped on board with atlantic nexus, so maybe we can compare 

Geoffrey wrote:
> Rob Fauls wrote:
>> One thing to note if you are considering bellsouth dsl...they have recently
>> started blocking port 25 to try and thwart the recent surges of mailsend
>> viruses. This isn't so much the problem, but the problem is that even for
>> those customers that request port 25 open so they can send mail to their
>> mail servers, bellsouth will only allow it if they sign up for a business
>> dsl account...no exceptions.  For many, this is not a problem, but for thse
>> of us who connect to a company mail server or a personal mail server, it
>> keeps us from being able to do so.  I have already switched off bellsouth
>> and am in the process of activating an account with atlantic nexus (will
>> fill you in on their performance if you want) and my account will be up as
>> of tonight.  They do not block any ports and their 1.5 meg service is
>> $35/month. If their qos is good, then I will recommend them to you guys in a
>> couple months, but they are very friendly and easy to work with thus far.
>> That's my little rant on how much I hate bellsouth...im done! :-P
> Have you checked into Speedfactory?

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