[ale] Lost in updateville

Sean Kilpatrick drifter at oppositelock.org
Fri Apr 15 10:34:25 EDT 2005

Being a firm believer in the notion that what you do NOT know
can sur'in hell bite you in the butt, I have a question:

First a preface:

Was told last night at the ALE meeting that the only way to solve
my CD burning issues was to do a clean update of KDE rpms using
the material available on SourceForge. So, this morning went off to
SourceForge and am ready to follow directions -- only I don't
trust them.

I am told to download a file [kde-redhat.repo] and drop it
into /etc/yum.repos.d/   (I am using yum 2.1.11 on a FC3 system.)
Did that.

This is a text file with pointers (?) to kde-redhat-stable,
-stable-all, -kde-redhat-testing, -testing-all, -unstable, and
-unstable-all.  I do not think I want to be downloading material
from the testing and unstable repositories. Yet my yum.conf file
has a line "pkgpolicy=newest".

So much for the preface. My question is this:
  Do I need to edit this file [kde-redhat.repo] to remove references
to the testing and unstable branches? Or comment them out with "#" ?


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