[ale] Are autoeject floppy drives available for linux??

Geoffrey esoteric at 3times25.net
Wed Feb 25 18:59:10 EST 2004

Michael D. Hirsch wrote:
> On Wednesday 25 February 2004 01:57 pm, tfreeman at intel.digichem.net wrote:
>>I got a semi-wild idea last night for my girlfriend's computer. Is there a
>>source of autoeject floppy drives like what Apple used to provide with the
>>mac, and are such drives supported under linux? Since I've been "mount"ing
>>& "umount"ing filesystems since the mid-80s, using floppies my way drives
>>her crazy. Crazy enough that she will not use them, but will wait until
>>I'm around to do the job for her. Obviously, if I'm going to be successful
>>in getting her fully to linux, I need to automate this usage.
> Use supermount.  Either grab the patches from sourceforge, or just install 
> Mandrake.  No more mounting.  Just insert, use and eject.  Just like in DOS.  
> It's like magic if you are used to mount/umount..  Mandrake installs it by 
> default, which is why it is the only system I will install for MS refugees.

I don't know of any standard 1.44 floppy drives that eject without 
physically depressing the button.  I'd love a pointer to such hardware 
though.  That's why I mentioned the ls120 drives, because they will 
autoeject like a cdrom or zip drive.

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