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I downloaded and installed the Lindows developer edition. I must say the install was very easy. My issue right now is their use of Click And Run (CNR) client that enables the user to download and install software from the Lindows CNR server. When I tried to install OpenOffice, the CNR client displayed a web page that suggests I pay for a Lindows Plus CD that contains a large selection of popular applications and utilities. The site also wants you to pay 4.95 a month to subscribe to this service. I did get to install Real Player from CNR and I must say it was pretty easy. What I could not find was how to add packages to the system without using CNR. It may be worth looking into and include this information in your presentation.


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Comparison, since they both claim "easy user interface" and 
both may have hidden caveats we ought to know about.

Geoffrey wrote:
> Dow Hurst wrote:
>> Would you do a side by side of Lindows and Xandros?
> Hmm, would we have time to do them justice?  Are you looking for the 
> comparison of the distros or the installation?

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