[ale] Laptop questions before purchase.

Joe Story joestory at bellsouth.net
Tue Feb 24 10:31:05 EST 2004

Geoffrey wrote:
> Joe Story wrote:
> > I've come across a Gateway DS 450 x.  Here are some of the specs.
> > 
> > Intel? PRO/Wireless LAN 2100 3B(installed in Mini PCI slot)?
> > Intel 82540EM ethernet adaptor
> > Combo DVD/CDRW - 8X/24X/12X/24X
> > Pentium M processor
> > ATI M7?
> > 
> > And this is all the information I can get from gateway.com using the
> > serial number from the invoice I was shown.  The laptop is still boxed
> > and there is a 3yr onsite/labor/parts tick-tocking away.  
> > 
> > Anyone here experienced with similiar hardware in Linux?  I'm mostly
> > concerned that the wireless card is not going to work well.  Does
> > driverloader from linuxant.com work well?  I see Intel supplies a
> > tarball for that gigabit adaptor, not much worry there.  For the curious
> > I would likely run Slackware 9.1.
> Can't help you with the wireless card, but my Sony Vaio has the same 
> video card and it works fine.  I've been told that it has 3d drivers, 
> but I've not pursued it at this time.
> > 
> > Normally I wouldn't consider buying a 'PC' laptop but since this one is
> > boxed and I might be able to get it at half the Invoice Price(laptop was
> > won in a lawsuit by the current owner), I'm thinking about jumpin on
> > it.  I say 'PC' because I kinda favor the ibooks.  And the ibook would
> > be a larger chunk of change.
> I've not had good support experiences with Gateway, but then again which 
> computer companies provide decent service anymore.
> > 
> > If I decide to bite the bullet and buy it, this will be my first laptop.
> > So, I'm a little new to these Mobile processors. Heat, power consumption
> > etc.  So, I greatly appreciate any input.
> I  can't say much about the M processors, although my box has one (PIV 
> 2400ghz) as I don't use it much without power.  Heat doesn't seem to be 
> an issue, I leave mine running all the time, most of the time with it 
> closed.

I have done some reading on Intel's M and P4-M that answered my
questions as far as the battery life and speed of the processors. It
seems the new M processor is desirable b/c I don't game, and I'm looking
for battery life not processing power(current desktop is a Pent II
333).  If you are interested here is the link to Tom's Hardware.



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