[ale] Laptop questions before purchase.

Geoffrey esoteric at 3times25.net
Tue Feb 24 09:27:54 EST 2004

Joe Story wrote:
> I've come across a Gateway DS 450 x.  Here are some of the specs.
> Intel? PRO/Wireless LAN 2100 3B(installed in Mini PCI slot)?
> Intel 82540EM ethernet adaptor
> Combo DVD/CDRW - 8X/24X/12X/24X
> Pentium M processor
> ATI M7?
> And this is all the information I can get from gateway.com using the
> serial number from the invoice I was shown.  The laptop is still boxed
> and there is a 3yr onsite/labor/parts tick-tocking away.  
> Anyone here experienced with similiar hardware in Linux?  I'm mostly
> concerned that the wireless card is not going to work well.  Does
> driverloader from linuxant.com work well?  I see Intel supplies a
> tarball for that gigabit adaptor, not much worry there.  For the curious
> I would likely run Slackware 9.1.

Can't help you with the wireless card, but my Sony Vaio has the same 
video card and it works fine.  I've been told that it has 3d drivers, 
but I've not pursued it at this time.

> Normally I wouldn't consider buying a 'PC' laptop but since this one is
> boxed and I might be able to get it at half the Invoice Price(laptop was
> won in a lawsuit by the current owner), I'm thinking about jumpin on
> it.  I say 'PC' because I kinda favor the ibooks.  And the ibook would
> be a larger chunk of change.

I've not had good support experiences with Gateway, but then again which 
computer companies provide decent service anymore.

> If I decide to bite the bullet and buy it, this will be my first laptop.
> So, I'm a little new to these Mobile processors. Heat, power consumption
> etc.  So, I greatly appreciate any input.

I  can't say much about the M processors, although my box has one (PIV 
2400ghz) as I don't use it much without power.  Heat doesn't seem to be 
an issue, I leave mine running all the time, most of the time with it 

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