[ale] Linux vs XP Embedded

Geoffrey esoteric at 3times25.net
Tue Feb 24 10:13:48 EST 2004

Joe Knapka wrote:
> Chris Fowler <cfowler at outpostsentinel.com> writes:
>>I think you need to consider some real time extensions to the linux
>>kernel. There are a few companies that sell such a product.
> I'd really like to use a stock mainline kernel if at all possible.
> If it's not possible to do that, XP will probably be the default
> choice (due to powers-that-be issues, not my preference).

I understand the powers-that-be thing, but it really doesn't make sense. 
I suspect the version of XP would not be the the off the shelf version, 
in which case, you're giving XP an unfair advantage in providing a 
version which is tweaked for embedded solutions.

If it is off the shelf XP, there'll be no contest, Linux will win hands 

As for you're comments regarding a 2.6 kernel, I'd be concerned that 
it's still a little green for such efforts.  If the target is 6 months 
or more down the road, then I would not have such concerns.

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