[ale] New Toy: Old Zip Drive

Geoffrey esoteric at 3times25.net
Thu Feb 19 11:55:39 EST 2004

Bjorn Dittmer-Roche wrote:
> On Thu, 19 Feb 2004, Byron A Jeff wrote:
>>On Thu, Feb 19, 2004 at 09:24:06AM -0500, John Mills wrote:
>>>ALErs -
>>>A friend gave me one of the old-style, parallel-port external Zip100
>>>drives which may actually be handy for me.
>>>I want to use in on a Slackware-9.1 laptop. Entering:
>>> "# insmod parport; insmod ppa" is rewarded with a little buzz of life
>>>from the drive (good news, I assume). What '/dev' file should I mount to
>>>find out if I can find any data on a disk? ("/dev/<something>4" I expect,
>>>if it's like other Zips I've used?)
> dunno about linux, but other Unices often provide this kind of info in
> dmesg. Of course, you still have to kinda guess about partition.

The default partition on zip drives is /dev/sda4 as Byron indicated.

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