[ale] Wanted....

aaron aaron at pd.org
Thu Feb 19 00:19:23 EST 2004

On Wednesday 18 February 2004 15:51, Mark Angeli wrote:
> Hey guys, I'm looking for a 1+ ghz system, amd/intel for under $400.
> Doesn't need a HD in it, but it should boot. If anyone has any leads or
> suggestions, please let me know.
> Thanks,
> mark

You can build this box new (sans monitor) for about the price you are talking 
about. Looking at Stargate parts just the other day:

Moboard w 2Ghz AMD XP 266 fsb
(with built in 10/100 enet, sound, 4 PCI,  
2.0 USB, AGP 4x GFX, UDMA EIDE, etc., etc. ) 
                                                    ~ $150
512M DDR 266                            ~    90
Case w/PS                                   ~    35 (mid tower ATX 300w)
20 gig HD                                    ~    40
CD ROM / CD Burner                    ~   35
Floppy, Kybd, Mouse                    ~  35
Total:                                            ~385.00

Currently a reasonably kicking system is easily done for less for than $400 at 
most any commodity shop like Stargate or Monarch. You could probably get
down close to 300 if you're willing to scale back a little on the speed and 
memory and do some of the parts as used.

Budget a new / used 17" or used 19" CRT monitor at 60 to 90 and you're set.

Only caveat is to buy real soon, before our failing Bomb and Bankrupt economy 
futher erodes your dollar and the price for all those foreign made components 
doubles! ;-)


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